Types Of Real Estate Investments

Types Of Real Estate Investments

By: Khatera Osman

Types Of Real Estate Investments

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If you want to succeed as an investor you can any day try investing in real estate. As investments made on fixed assets like land and building turn out to be profitable. If you want to get success as a real estate investor you have you need to start by buying at least one property, before investing a huge amount you must have a formulated set of strategies that will help you to get away with any shortcomings. There may be a list of strategies but there are only FOUR known types of Real Estate that you can invest in.

Residential Real Estate Investing:

Investing in a residential Realestate you have several open ends to catch. Residential properties include single-family homes, mobile homes, condos and townhouse. If you are a skilled investor you can take the profit out of all these types.


You can invest in a single-family property for the start. One of the best ways to get good returns from a single-family property is, Putting the property for rent. You can put your property for rent and wait for the value to increase. Renting allows you to get some returns which can be used to pay for the mortgage.

You can invest in multi-unit properties(ranging from one to 4 units or more) to earn income through multiple sources. You can keep one unit for yourself and rent the rest of the units to get good returns from the property.

You can also generate some passive income by buying condos in the same locality and rent them. Buying multiple condos allows you in better implementation of your strategy.



Commercial Real estate investing:

Investing in commercial properties like office spaces is risky but equally rewarding. Offices are generally set up in an area where other commercial properties are being developed nearby. 

 Properties in such areas are generally costly and would require a huge amount of investment. You can invest in commercial properties and expect huge returns as well. New restaurants and cafes are being built every now and then and they need functioning spaces, Renting them your commercial property will definitely generate a good amount of money for you.



Industrial Real Estate investing:

Investing in industrial property is a complex process and needs a huge amount of capital. Industrial property includes huge buildings used by companies and manufacturing firms. Commercial organizations rent industrial properties for the purpose of warehousing their products. 

Most real estate investors are known to be highly skilled, they have a set of strategies that help them crack deals easily. However sharp investors know the returns that an industrial property can generate. The properties are huge and expensive and requirements of tenants may change at a blink of an eye.



Investing in the land:

You cant own property without land, the land is one of the base of investment and also the riskiest type of investment. There is no source of passive income from the land you have to pay taxes instead. If you have farmland you can generate some passive income out of it easily.

No matter which type of property you invest in, you must Consult An Agent. Finding the right property as an investor today will help you to determine the future of your investing career.




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