Tips and Suggestions for investment in real estate

Tips and Suggestions for investment in real estate

By: Khatera Osman

Tips and Suggestions for investment in real estate

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Tips and Suggestions for investment in real estate


It is nowadays crucial to have a sound investment in effect. A proper investment portfolio can set the future course of our lives in a better direction. The investment options can vary from gold or other forex commodities, share stocks, bonds, government/bank savings schemes to the often ignored Real Estate Investment. Each has a varying degree of return. Real Estate is, however, often underappreciated despite yielding high returns. The recent economic boom has resulted in people having increased salaries- leading to better ease for investment for the future. 

The Significance of Real Estate


Countless wars have been fought over the ages for the acquisition of prized lands and properties. Thousands of wars may have passed but the importance of real estate has only increased through time.  With an ever-increasing population, it can be easily inferred that the demand for land will only escalate. It is a smart move to keep a part of your portfolio invested in real estate and land. Purchasing a small flat can also yield good dividends- in the form of rent and a rise in valuations. There are a few pointers and guidelines to keep in mind before you take the leap.


Know the Following Before You Invest in Real Estate


Like all investments, Real Estate Investment also comes with risk and require prior research. Someone with zero experience can get lured, acting on the advice of others. It is always suggested that the best surefire way is to increase returns in investment is to look over the matter on your own before utilising the hard-earned savings or capital.


Patience is a Virtue

It makes no sense to rush into buying a property. It is a time-taking process and showing patience instead of hurrying is known to be helpful, getting a better deal.

Check the Property:

 Do your prior research before finalisation and completion of the buying transaction. With a lot of real estate development going on, choosing the right property becomes a tedious task- especially under the influence of expert negotiators, sellers or brokering agents. 


Verify Legal Papers:

 It is always advised to check the legal papers and documentation before buying any property. Consult your lawyer if you are not familiar with all the paper process. Buying a property without proper searching and verification may see you duped by false papers, or getting involved in long-drawn court litigations. The investment can be considered void- as one cannot sell the property at the proper valuation.

Search for Market Rates at the Property Location

In the incident that the seller is asking a higher rate than the usual Property rates at that location, you might search for other properties in the same locality. Before that, you need to know the current market rates.


Communicate with the Neighbors:

 No proper salesperson will ever say anything bad about the selling product. It is imperative to know as much as you can about the property location. The best way to gather information is by talking to the local neighbours.

Make a Proper Financial Assessment

It is necessary to calculate and assess your financial condition before going in to buy. There are various things to consider like housing loans, savings and loan amounts.

Be Optimistic

There may be certain setbacks during the transaction of a deal- even leading to its cancellation. Being patient and optimistic helps in the long run.



The seller might have placed the selling price higher, making room for negotiations. Negotiations are very common in the real estate sector. Find a better deal- by doing the best bargaining and negotiation possible.

Be prepared for Risk

While Real Estate Investment is a relatively safe form of investment, there may still exist some form of risks and the valuations may decrease. However, no investment is completely free of risk.


In the modern world of low bank-rate interests and savings, and multiple scams and divestments- it is a wise move to invest in real estate which offers relatively low risks, and good returns.







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