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The demand of your home, at present and in future, is based on a single factor - The correct assessment of your property. Via our Free Home Valuation Service, not only can you get your property evaluated digitally, based on the locality and the prevalent market trends (demand-supply gap), but also get to bypass the hassle-laden frequent visits from realtors and assessors

Street Match

We believe in empowering our clients, and empower themwe do! Via our state-of-the-art Street Match feature, our clients can select the "type of home" they are looking for in a particular locality. Homes, condos, apartments, or any other property, search it using our street match feature, and get an instant update regarding its prices, details, and other particulars.
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Our VIP listing alerts are designed just for you! Treating every client as the royalty they are, instead of detaining information like our counterparts, we openly furnish information regarding the real estate you are looking for. Using the particulars you provide, our automated alert feature fills-in our clients on their personal emails. No spam, no irrelated offers, we provide solid listing details about your future property.

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Going beyond the horizons and expanding its gamut and area of services with each passing day, Khatera now covers a wide number of communities in the greater Durham region of Canada. Apart from our network of professionals who are diligently aligned towards getting you the best of the best properties across the region, to provide you access to an unprecedented number of properties, we focus on making the entire curation process seamless via our hassle-free community search feature.

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Khatera has been operating in the Durham region for years, and via its wide gamut of services and remarkable service-delivery, it has secured a promising reputation among its clientele. As clients are the topmost priority at Khatera, each of our service is designed to meet their needs. Whether it is purchasing, selling, leasing, renting or any other undertaking involving the real estate industry, Khatera believes in empowering its clientele by giving them ample options, unprecedented real estate information, and most importantly, seamless service delivery at the most reasonable cost.


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